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The Federation’s aim is to support and encourage its member societies.
Our services include:

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Monetary Support for Publication Projects
At the 2007 AGM the Federation approved a proposal from the Executive to set up a loans scheme.  The intention of the scheme is to assist member societies, where applicable with publication costs of historical writings.

The Federation is fully aware of the tremendous efforts that many societies are making in the way of publications and this proposal may be of assistance to applicants getting over that final hurdle of publication costs.  Any member society can apply to the Federation to see if it qualifies for assistance.

Given the limited funds the Federation has availableIt is intended that these loans will give member societies the support to get a scheme completed – in other words the final push off, rather than the initial stimulus!

The maximum amount loaned for any one project will be $2,000, which is expected to be repaid within 18 months.  The Federation has committed a block of money to this scheme, but accessibility by member societies relies on prompt repayment of the loans.

For more detail re applying for a Publication Loan download our Registration of Interest form: [ Word ] [ PDF ]

The position of Liaison Officer was created IN 2007. The idea is that the Liaison Officer will offer another form of communication and support for member societies, and also act as a promoter of the Federation to societies who are not currently members of the Federation. Selected area visits will be undertaken at least once annually.

The current Liason Officer is Neil Curvengen.

Click here to read Liaison Officer's Saving History Report

Lobbying Politicians (Government and local body), Government Agencies and Other Organisations on Matters of Local and National Historical Interest
The Federation has been active in lobbying in the past, and is interested to hear of any concerns from member societies, which might need support.

Providing Back-up for Societies in Applying For Grants
The Federation can provide written confirmation of membership (i e of a National body) for societies requiring this for an application for funding for a project from a variety of Agencies, such as Lotteries Commission, ASB Community Trust, etc.

Organising a Regional Day or Outing
If a Society wishes to hold, or be involved in a day of activities with an historical theme the Federation may be able to assist.  Contact the Federation’s Vice–President.

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