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Our members are made up of historical societies, museums and trusts, schools and students, relevant interest groups - and of course people with an interest in New Zealand's history.

How NZHF Works

Annual General Meeting

As required by incorporation the NZHF holds an annual general meeting which under its constitution must be held between the months of March to May. This meeting is usually held in conjunction with an annual conference weekend.


At the annual general meeting an Executive Committee is appointed consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and up to six ordinary members.

This Executive Committee meets at regular intervals throughout the year conducting routine business of the Federation as well as responding to any needs/requests of affiliates. In recent years meetings have been held in various centres, hosted by an affiliated society. This is of mutual benefit as the Executive can see first-hand the work that is being done in the host society’s area as well as such hosts meeting Federation’s officers.

Conference Weekend

Each year a conference is held at various locations throughout New Zealand. An affiliated society takes the responsibility to arrange a weekend programme, including time for an annual general meeting. Programmes are varied from district to district but cover both learning and social activities, thus increasing heritage knowledge of all who attend.

Objects of Federation

As from Federation’s rules dated March 2006:

  • To foster, and stimulate interest in New Zealand history and in the activities and objects of historical and kindred societies.
  • By advocacy, representation and publicity at higher levels to assist constituent societies whenever possible.
  • To encourage and assist in the formation and growth of historical societies throughout New Zealand.
  • To disseminate news of constituent societies by means of newsletters, circulars, journals, releases to news media and other appropriate methods.
  • To gather and expend funds or acquire property as required for the attainment of the objects of the Federation and keep records of such transactions. 


Federation communicates to its affiliates currently by three main methods:


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What is in it for me?

New Zealand needs historical societies and kindred organisations to protect the past for the future.

Those societies affiliated to Federation say there is a sense of belonging, and that their individual efforts in their own community are being recognised. This recognition is in the form of face to face meetings at Conference and/or Regional Days or through our publications. This recognition gives a 'feel good' factor that such efforts are noted beyond their boundaries and that their news is spread.

Institutions find they are being kept right up to date with what is happening in the world of the amateur historians who strive to keep the past of their district alive.

NZFHS History

Click here for a brief history of the New Zealand History Federation.


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