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Below is a list of contents of recent issues of NZ Legacy, starting with the most recent back issue. Back issues can be ordered through:
The Secretary,
14 Burns Ave,
Auckland 0622.

Issue: Vol 30.1 (February 2018)

  • Why does Dunedin have a Memorial Building dedicated to
    the Pioneer Women of Otago?
  • The Presbyterian Women's order
  • Gaoled for debt: Greymouth photographer Abraham Solomon Levinski (fl.1865-1872)
  • The Auckland-born plastic surgeon who attended to Winston Churchill's burn
  • A Road Tragedy
  • Book Reviews
  • Whangarei 1881

Issue: Vol 29.3 (November 2017)

  • The Impact of the Battle of Passchendale on New Zealand
  • "A very clever little gentleman": Ewen Alison builds his business empire on the North Shore
  • The profligate Photographer: Charles Henry Monkton 1840-1890
  • Early travel by horse and coach in New Zealand
  • What happened to Sophia "Sarah" Stothard
  • Well Out of Sight
  • Memories at Tyne Cot Cemetary
  • Book Reviews

Issue: Vol 29.2 (July 2017)

  • Stopping by at Frank's
  • Georege Hayy Woolley: musical child prodigy, accompanist, World War One soldier, musician and choir leader
  • Mr Seddon, Mr George and the egg beater
  • On an accessible mountain, Mt Taranaki/Egmont
  • The life of a remittance man: New Plymouth and Nelson photographer Carlin Gill, 1844-1883
  • More than Punching Tickets and Giving the Right Change - Women Tram Conductors in New Zealand.

Issue: Vol 29.1 (February 2017)Issue 28.2

  • Douglas Snelling: A Glamorous NZ Emigre Designer-Architect
  • The Well-travelled Mr Stark
  • Revolution, Romanovs and Russian Warships: the visit of the Rynda to Auckland in 1888
  • To Meet and Greet: New Plymouth, March 1841
  • A Reminder from the Past! Whiria Mountain at Pakanae on the Hokianga
  • Book Reviews.

Issue: Vol 28.3 (November 2016)Issue 28.2

  • Jean Sandal, Medical Pioneer
  • The Mystery of the Mileposts
  • William Collie and the naming of Blenheim
  • An Unusual Coronation Memento
  • More Memorial Churches
  • Book Reviews.

Issue: Vol 28.2 (February 2016)Issue 28.2

  • Broadfields Shearing Shed Company
  • The 1913 Parliamentary Tour
  • The 1917 Parliamentary Tour
  • Jimmy Fulton: Huntly miner, activist and Farmer 1871-1957
  • Towards an Australian National Literature
  • A Scenic Harbour ... But in the Past, One of Animal Slaughter!
  • Book Reviews.

Issue: Vol 27.3 (November 2015)Issue 26.2

  • Hunterville: a North Island country town the the First World War
  • Ettrick Cottage: Home to Mt Victoria families since the 1870s
  • Britt & Heatley: official photographers at the 1898/99 Auckland Industrial and Mining Exhibition.
  • To serve and die so far away from home ... Niue and the First World War.
  • Navigator Extraordinary
  • The Last Flight.
  • Book Reviews.

Issue: Vol 27.2 (July 2015)Issue 26.2

  • War & Peace in New Zealand's Churches
  • Cannakale (Gallipoli) and the 'wrong beach' and 'bad leadeship' arguments
  • Te Kopua (The Deep Pool)
  • Lemon Point on Kawhia
  • Coastal boats on the Awanui River
  • From whence came this 'ding dong' bell, of the Principe di Lucedio
  • Ridling, a gallant Albert Medal winner who became a leading techical college educator.
  • Book Reviews.

Issue: Vol 27.1 (April 2015)Issue 26.2

  • Behold, I bring you...
  • The battles of Canakkale (Gallipoli) 1914-1915
  • Harold Baxter: an important New Zealand musician, who survived Gallipoli
  • Gate Pa, a background
  • Why we need to commemorate Our Legacy
  • Elbe's Ice Cream: The Plot Thickens
  • Book Reviews

Issue: Vol 26.2 (June 2014)Issue 26.2

  • Off to War: New Zealand's first six months of World War One
  • Remembering World War One at 'The Treasury', Thames
  • An elderly and feeble gentleman: Auckland photographer Caesar Anthony Zambra 1835-1881
  • New Zealand Government Gardens and their Gardeners
  • A major history project that never made it
  • Book Reviews

Issue: Vol 26.1 (Feb 2014)Issue 26.1

  • Uncle Fred
  • In memoriam: South Auckland's First World War memorials
  • Joe Gasparich, an enterprising survivor from Gallipoli
  • Almost Missed!
  • Perhaps to Save Time?
  • The problematic portraits of Pomare II
  • Book Reviews

Issue: Vol 25.3 (Nov 2013)Issue 25.3

  • Dutch arrival in New Zealand before Tasman
  • My Alien Grandparents, or, Strange Happenings during the First World War
  • A Likeness of Captain Cook?
  • Booth's Studio, Dominion Road: Edgar Normanby Booth, 1889-1915
  • Alexander and Jane Alison: Devonport pioneers
  • Book Reviews

Issue: Vol 24.2 (July 2012)Issue 24.2

  • Interesting Memorials (part 2)
  • NZ connections with the Titanic
  • C.P. Dawes collection
  • "Chemist, fiddler, statesman, and buffoon": eight former Auckland Grammar School chemists from the Tibbs' era (1890 to 1920)
  • The 'Resurrectionists': the exhumation of Chinese remains in New Zealand
  • Book Review

Issue: Vol 23.1 (May 2011)Issue 21.2

  • Golden Gem about a Blanket
  • Gold - at a cost
  • Captain John Butt of Shortland
  • Charles Burton Hoare (1833 - c1879)
  • New Zealanders in the Air
  • More on the Echo
  • 1692 Scottish Massacre Remembered

Issue: Vol 22.2 (October 2010)Issue 21.2

  • Exposé of a Lady's Secrets
  • The Upper Class of Lower Remuera in the 19th Century
  • The Monument that Was
  • John McGarrigle: International Man of Mystery
  • Cloudy Bay: A church called "Ebenezer"


Issue: Vol 22.1 (April 2010)Issue 21.1

  • New Light on Heaphy and Kin
  • What Happened at Mangere in 1863?
  • A Cairn Seldom Visited: Mangapouri Mission Station, 1834
  • The Mayor of Thorndon Appeal
  • Reading advertisements in Papers Past: Frank Huff, Invercargill photographer
  • ‘Darwin’ Fox goes to school

Issue: Vol 21.2 (October 2009)Issue 21.2

  • Glimpses From the West
  • Whatipu
  • A Boat Named Clio
  • Our battleship: Sir Joseph Ward and the purchase of HMS New Zealand
  • The Hydrabad Wreck on Waitarere Beach
  • The Cruise of the Komet
  • "Blown to Atoms: the end of the Cloud, 1909
  • James Hutchings Kinnear, 1877-1946
  • Return to the ANZAC Bridge at Kaiparoro
  • Unique to say the Least: the Story of the Edwin Fox

Issue: Vol 21.1 (May 2009)Issue 21.1

  • A Massey Cossack Writes Home
  • Postal History Society of New Zealand
  • An Unusual War Memorial at Kaiparoro
  • Penal Transportation: NZ's Early Convict History
  • First to Care: 125 Years of the Order of St John in NZ
  • Auckland's Earliest Highway Boards
  • Rangitoto Island Baches
  • Book Reviews

Issue: Vol 20.2 (October 2008)Issue 20.2

  • Matamata Conference 2009
  • Some Early Matamata History
  • The Railway Reaches Matamata
  • Riders of hobby-horses
  • New Zealand Railways
  • Magazine—online
  • Our Railway History
  • The Kaipara Line
  • Massey's Cossacks
  • Brief history of the Federation
  • A 'New' School in Waimate
  • Book Reviews

Issue 20.1 (May 2008)Issue 20.1

  • Hartley Webster: Auckland’s first resident photographer
  • Survival in the Whitford Hills
  • Myths and Memories
  • Why is my street called that?
  • Book reviews


Issue 19.3 (November 2007)Issue 19.3

  • Tom Walsh: North Shore historian, journalist and political activist
  • Fairs & Steel: their impact on Auckland photography
  • A lonely cairn
  • The first historical society?
  • Book reviews


Issue 19.2 (June 2007)Issue 19.2

  • The Visit of the Tilikum
  • Charlie Riley—An Uncommon Soldier
  • Auckland’s First Settlement at Cornwallis
  • Gold (poem)
  • Outside My House
  • Book reviews
  • Mangere Historical Society


Issue 19.1 (March 2007)Issue 19.1

  • James Sharp (1830-1908): Wanganui photographer and artist
  • Frank and Annie Perkins, and the growth of Pukekohe and Franklin from 1908 to 1950
  • Mechanics’ institutes in New Zealand
  • On Your Bike, Albert
  • Book reviews
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